Services You Can Expect From Medical Staffing Agencies

Medical staffing services can streamline the hiring process for many care providers, ensuring they can fill up their vacancies on time. Hiring is also flexible with options like Per Diem Staffing and temporary staffing. The services they provide also help reduce administrative hassles and issues.

We provide Supplemental Staffing in Texas, and here are some of the services you could expect from us here at Texas Nursing Services to help make hiring easier for you:

  • Criminal Background Checks

    Some healthcare providers require criminal background checks before they hire potential candidates. Examples include home health care providers, nursing homes, and adult day care facilities. All our applicants undergo criminal background checks to ensure healthcare providers that our candidates are of good moral character.

  • Health Screenings

    All our applicants undergo health screenings, which are essential nowadays due to COVID-19. With our health screening services, we can ensure healthcare providers that or candidates possess the physical, emotional, and mental health required to provide high-quality service and assistance.

  • License Verification

    Healthcare professionals are responsible for taking care of patients. Because of the importance of their line of work, they must pass a board and licensure exam before they can practice their profession. At our Nurse Staffing Agency in Frisco, Texas, we verify the licenses of nurses and other healthcare professionals so that healthcare providers do not have to.

For more information about our services, you can call us at 469-305-7532. If you are an Assisted Living Facility, clinic, hospital, or any other healthcare provider, we can help you fill up your care teams.

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