As we move into the new decade, one of the largest trends in employment over the past several years has been the growth and prominence of staffing agencies. Whether short-term or full-time, staffing agencies are beneficial to many industries, but they may be most beneficial to the healthcare industry. Healthcare facilities often need to fill positions quickly with qualified workers, and many times, they do not have the time or resources to dedicate to a thorough search. With that in mind, here are a few reasons that a medical staffing agency benefits both employers and job seekers.

Nurses, physicians, and other medical staff often must undergo rigorous questioning and assessment before they are admitted into a staffing agency’s database. This does not necessarily mean that agency workers are better qualified than their non-agency counterparts, but it does mean that it is easy to assess if a particular candidate will be right for your position.

The wide network of a staffing agency provides employers with many diverse options to meet their needs. There are seasonal workers, part-time workers, and those who only want temporary positions to fill in for people who will be unavailable for various reasons. Simply having more options allows hospitals and medical practices to have more options that would fit their needs and match with their situation more appropriately.

When hiring under normal circumstances, employers can assess their candidates by what is on resumes and the results of the interview process. However, working with a staffing agency gives hiring managers the chance to see potential employees in action before they are offered the position on a permanent basis. In this way, staffing agencies provide a distinct advantage because employers can assess performance and observe how prospective employees will handle the environment and demands of the job. This on-the-job audition helps ensure that the candidate is experienced and capable in the role they would be filling and minimizes the risk to the healthcare facility.
As someone who owns or operates a healthcare company, you probably recognize the value of using a staffing service for employee screening and hiring. However, you may not realize that a healthcare-specific staffing company like Texas Nursing Services offers even more benefits to your business. Check out the following reasons to choose a healthcare staffing agency and then call Texas Nursing Services for a free consultation in Texas.

Not every individual has the character and composition to succeed in the healthcare arena. Founded by Nurses and industry experts, Texas Nursing Services has more than a decade of experience matching businesses with the most qualified candidates. From asking the right questions to conducting detailed screenings, we will ensure your staffing needs are met while protecting your healthcare facility for the long haul.

Along with their extensive industry experience, specialized staffing companies tend to offer a higher level of service. While general staffing companies assist a wide range of clients, niche-specific agencies are more apt to form long-term relationships with a few businesses. As a result, niche firms can develop a deeper understanding of your company and its unique staffing goals.

Want to locate the most highly qualified personnel for your healthcare business? Working with a specialized staffing agency like Texas Nursing Services gives companies access to a wider selection of job candidates. And because we prescreen all applicants before you meet them, you can rest assured knowing your business is in competent hands.

It is no surprise that healthcare companies tend to hold their employees to a higher standard. One of the benefits of working with niche staffing companies is that they conduct more thorough employee interviews based on years of field experience. From reviewing resumes and verifying licenses to performing drug tests and background checks, Texas Nursing Services makes sure every candidate we recommend is completely qualified for the position in question.

At Texas Nursing Services, we provide expert employee screening and hiring services designed to save healthcare companies time and money in the long run. Call today for more information about achieving your staffing goals.

These reasons, coupled with the savings employers enjoy by not regularly hiring, firing, and providing overtime to compensate for excessive staff turnover, make a staffing agency a great choice for any organization. The high-turnover medical profession can thoroughly enjoy these benefits, and employers are wise to consider a staffing agency as a hiring option. When you are looking for the highest quality candidates and want to streamline your hiring process, contact Texas Nursing Services. Our track record of performance and wide network of applicants are sure to help you find the ideal candidate and fill out your staff with less hassle and stress.