Focusing on Employee Satisfaction

focusing-on-employee-satisfactionThe nursing environment can be tough and the noble profession of helping others while maintaining high standards calls for and attracts true professionals. If you are managing any type of healthcare team, you understand how staffing is important. Having the right number of the right caliber of people determines the quality of care you render to patients.

Staffing is determined by many factors and it can largely be determined by the movement of your people. Hence, ensuring that your team remains is a critical concept to secure your capacity.

But how does an organization motivate employees to stay? There is no direct and single answer. An employee may have several factors in their decision to stay or leave. One single reason can also be enough given their current circumstances. But, one thing is clear. Getting into the root cause of understanding the employee’s motivation is key to satisfying them.

What does your team value the most? Is it continuous development? Perhaps, the increasing opportunities for career growth? Is it about their pay and other extrinsic factors? Focusing on employee satisfaction starts with identifying what makes them happy to stay.

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