Considerations for Medical Staffing


A decision will always have consequences. Some outcomes can be beneficial to the decision-maker while other results may require the payment or loss of some resources. Decisions provide something in exchange for another – just like how staffing decisions positively and negatively affect the entire organization.

One of the most common considerations about general staffing is cost. Almost everything can be measured financially. Accounting based on costs ensures a uniform understanding of different aspects. In staffing, the cost can be about the money to pay for the talent, costs needed to invest new resources, and other forms of expenses.

Staffing requirements can be heavily influenced – and in some cases, determined – by the organization’s financial capacity. However, cost alone is not enough to support the decision.

Another consideration should be the quality of care provided. While costs ground us on what capacity we currently have, having a level of standard to adhere to can attract paying customers. In a competitive and critical field such as healthcare, having qualified, skilled, and experienced professionals can significantly lead to positive patient outcomes.

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