Ways to Cope with Hospital Short-Staffing: How We Help

The nursing shortage remains a pressing concern to this day. It is a topic brought even further to the forefront due to the challenges of the pandemic. According to the American Nurses Association, the country will need 20.2% more of today’s current RNs and an additional 1.13 million nurses to maintain a responsive care system.

This problem has affected all types of care settings, from your neighborhood assisted living facility to large outpatient centers. Yet, nowhere else is the lack of adequate staff more felt than in hospitals.

Texas Nursing Services offers supplemental staffing in Texas, extending a lifeline to hospitals that need aid with short staffing. Based on our expertise, the following are also helpful strategies to combat short-staffing:

  • Compartmentalize and prioritize assignments.

    On any given day, a hospital may face a variety of cases varying in severity and need for intervention. Our supplemental staffing agency suggests that you categorize each one into high, medium, and low-priority assignments. From there, you can allocate the appropriate number of available staff according to service needs, starting with high-priority cases.

  • Take care to delegate tasks fairly.

    You must coordinate with other managing staff to make sure that your available personnel receives a fair share of tasks to prevent overwhelming them. As a medical staffing agency, we recommend keeping track of each one’s workload to understand how to delegate evenly.

  • Cut down on non-essential procedures.

    Depending on your priorities, it may be a good idea to redirect staff to other areas to help out with essential procedures. Of course, make sure they are oriented on the tasks they have to perform to keep up service quality.

Our nurse staffing agency in Frisco, Texas understands the challenges care providers face. Feel free to learn about our solutions by contacting us today.

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